EWE published article about majorities and public opinion

The deliberative journal EWE: Erwägen, Wissen, Ethik, has published an article of mine (in German):

Roessing, Thomas (2014): Das Mehrheitsprinzip in der modernen Mediengesellschaft. Kommentar zu E. Flaig. Erwägen, Wissen, Ethik 25(3), 473-476.

This article is a response to Egon Flaig’s essay “Die Mehrheitsentscheidung – ihre kulturelle Bedeutung” (in the same volume of the journal). His article deals with the majority principle and democratic structures in history, culture and the sciences . In my comment I argue that certain processes of public opinion formation (such as teh spiral of silence) and the role of the mass media in modern democracies pose a danger for the functioning of the majority principle, since they import power from other spheres into the democratic process.