Monthly Archives: December 2014

Paper accepted for DGPuK 2015 in Darmstadt

A paper I submitted with Nicole Podschuweit of Erfurt University (who is first author) has been accepted for presentation at DGPuK 2015, the annual conference of the German Association for Communication Research.

The paper’s title is “Haustürwahlkampf in Deutschland. Eine empirische Analyse am Beispiel des Wahlkampfes zur Thüringer Landtagswahl 2014”, which roughly translates as “Door-to-door campaigning in Germany. An empirical analysis of the Thuringian state election campaign in 2014”. The paper is based on interviews with campaign officials and a quantitative survey among campaign aids.

Darmstadt is my home town. I went to grammar school not far from the conference site. That makes this upcoming presentation a very special success for me.

Update 2014-12-18: A second paper has been accepted as part of the Panel “Ethische Herausforderungen kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Forschung. Anwendungsfelder, Anwendungsrelevanz und Perspektiven” (“Ethical challenges in communication research. Applications, relevance, and perspectives”) proposed by Katrin Döveling from U of Leipzig. My part is about “Sozialwissenschaftliche Experimente: Ethische Aspekte am Beispiel von Furcht erzeugenden Stimuli” which translates as “Experiments in the social sciences: Ethical aspects of fear-inducing stimuli”.

YouTube video of my LH A380 leaving Miami

I just published a video on YouTube for the first time:

On June 6, 2014, I filmed the lineup, takeoff, and the initial climb of LH463 out of Miami on its way to Frankfurt. Sitting on seat 90A, I used my Apple phone as a video camera.

After a long but smooth flight, the Airbus A380 reached Frankfurt and touched down on runway 07 R. After disembarking, I had for the first time the opportunity to use an automated passport control. There are mechanized doors and a scanner. You have to put the passport on the scanner and the door opens. I thought that was it, but there was more. Behind the door is a shiny black vertical glass plate with six bright lights, three on the right and three on the left. The glass plate shows the image of a hobo—obviously, that is what I look like after a day in the heat of Miami and a nine-hour flight. After comparing the image of the hobo with the image of the nice young man in my passport, the glass plate moved to the side and I was allowed back into Germany.