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List of the aircraft types I had the pleasure to travel with

Just for the records: A list of the aircraft types I had the pleasure to travel with – yet.


  • A300 – used it several times to get to London (2005), Berlin, Munich, Hamburg. One of the most comfortable aircrafts I ever boarded. It is a pity that Lufthansa stopped operating this model a couple of years ago.
  • A310 – several trips to London in the 1990s.
  • A319, A320 – several journeys in Europe.
  • A321 – several times, including trips to Rome (2011), Porto (2010), Barcelona (2013).
  • A330 – used it for flights to Cairo (2009), to Philadelphia, and from Charlotte to Frankfurt (both in 2012).
  • A340-300 – has not very much power in its engines. I traveled with this model from Zurich to Chicago and back (2010) and from Boston to Frankfurt (2013).
  • A340-600 – wonderful aircraft! In the version Lufthansa uses, the restrooms are downstairs, much more comfortable to use than the traditional ones. I had the honor to fly with this type of aircraft back from Cairo (2009), on both trips to and from Orlando (2012) and to Boston (2013).
  • A380 – giant aircraft, I like that. I used one to fly from Sydney to Dubai (2012) and to get to Miami and back (2014). Very silent, even in the aft section of the lower deck.


  • 737-300/500 – several trips to London, Zurich, Düsseldorf etc.
  • 747-400 – to San Francisco (2007) and to Hong Kong (2012). There were no Inflight Entertaining Systems installed in Lufthansa 747-400s back then, so the flights (11 and 13 hours!) were somewhat boring.
  • 747-8 – to Los Angeles and back in 2014. Nice aircraft, but it is extremely noisy in the aft sections of the cabin.
  • 767 – I used one of these to travel from London to Rome, one day after the Pope had died.
  • 777-200 ER – from Frankfurt to Dubai in 2012.
  • 777-300 – from Dubai to Frankfurt on my way home from Australia (2012).


  • ATR 72 (turboprop) – several flights from Prague to Brno. Impressive acceleration.
  • Bae 146 (“Jumbolino”) – several trips including Zurich–Nice and Geneva–Frankfurt.
  • Canadair CRJ – this aircraft is way too small for my taste. Used it for example to fly from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago.
  • A Dornier turboprop aircraft – I was on the first flight from Munich to Brno in 2005. This aircraft had a very impressive acceleration!
  • Embraer ERJ 145 – used one from Swiss for the flight from Frankfurt to Zurich in 2005. It was very comfortable back then with comfortable leather seats and plenty of legroom. And: One flight from Munich to Brno and back (with the smaller 135) in November 2017. And again in 2018.
  • Embraer 190 – several trips in Germany. Very comfortable aircraft, plenty of legroom.
  • Fokker 70/100 – I travelled with one of these to Amsterdam and back in 2006 (on my way to Montreal) and once from Vienna to Frankfurt.
  • MD11 – great, majestic aircraft. KLM used one to fly me to Montreal and back in 2006. It is a pity that KLM removed this type from their fleet.
  • Saab 2000 (turboprop) – one trip from Prague to Brno.
  • Cessna 172 — 1 sightseeing flight from Baltrum over several east-frisian islands in the German north sea with my father on october 5, 2021.

Types of aircraft I hope to fly with in the future