Miami 2014

In June 2014 I had the great pleasure to travel to Miami where i gave a presentation at the 18th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Brand Identity and Competitiveness.

I used my phone to take a few pictures.

it was the second time I had the honour to fly aboard an Airbus A380, this time the Lufthansa version.
In Miami, I stayed at the famous Hotel Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Impressive! They have a very good breakfast and excellent burgers. Both rather expensive.
Like mot hotels in North America they have these incredibly inconvenient shower heads attached to the wall, and…
…a quite enigmatic installation to operate the shower.
Miami beach is a nice place. I am very fond of Palm trees, even when the weather is not the best.
i am also a big fan of the TV series “Miami Vice”. So I visited the famous toilet on Ocean Drive where the opening sequence of the episode “Bushido” was filmed.
Atlantic ocean.
The weather cleared up. Nice!
More palmtrees.
Nice park surrounding a very interesting art museum.

A link to a YouTube video and a little story about my flight back to Germany can be found in this post.

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